​​Noise pollution is one of the most pressing issues facing today’s urban population.  With the increase in population, traffic, and the advent of boom cars, the sound level of everyday life is on the rise and, along with it, the associated elevation of stress levels, noise-induced hearing loss, and negative repercussions for cardiac wellness.

We would like to introduce you to the Hornet Advanced Noise Control System: a recently-developed technology designed to significantly reduce metropolitan noise pollution and improve the quality of life for urban residents.

The Hornet system will ultimately enable local law officials to enforce noise control regulations and enable them to issue summonses by detecting, localizing, and identifying the source events of environmental noise, especially car horns, boom cars (loud bass music systems), engine braking, and vehicles with less-than-legal mufflers.

Hornet utilizes a patent-pending set of professional audio and video sensors along with a unique algorithm that allows for accuracies to +/- 6 mm (1/4”), enabling Hornet to easily target unlawful noise. The Hornet System is a stand alone system meaning there is no need for it to be operated locally, and would be installed at locations such as intersections, bridge and tunnel entrances, as well as livery standing areas.

No personnel are required to be at the system while it is tasking or otherwise. The actual operating and issuing of summonses would be performed remotely by a single enforcement person or authorized personnel such as in police headquarters, a precinct or an office. One operator could potentially operate 8-10 system locations from a remote location on a daily basis depending on “horn or noise traffic”.

Hornet System's goal is to assist cities in diminishing their existing levels of noise pollution and improving the quality of life for residents and business owners.